Armored Robot -- Heavily Armed Bot
Robot Armored Robot
Alias Gigantic Robot, Heavily Armed Robot
Level Level 15
Hit Points 80 HP
Attack Points 80 ATK
Weapons Titanic "Geared" Rocket Launcher
Vunerable to Energy Sword, Big Boomer
Drops Variety of Gems, 2 gigantic explosive body parts

Armored Robots or Heavily Armed Bots are the toughest, yet formidable annihilating unit of the Robot Army in Crazy Planets. Their official introduction is at the ninth planet of Peix Galaxy in the mission named "Mercury." They appear rarely inside a force deflector shield at the start of a mission, and in later Galaxies like the end of Peix to the entire Kala Galaxy. When the player reaches Level 15, this robot comes into play in the meteors found throughout the entire galaxy. They are simply twice the size of the Red Robot, and these are Basic Bots (wearing 3-D glasses) in a tougher robot shell, most likely known as, "a robot in a robot." Their formidable weapon, called the "Geared Rocket Launcher" that deals 80 of HP Damage.

This is the spotlight weapon and the Robot Army's elite bot of mass devastation. The armor withstands multiple shots from the weakest known weapons of the galaxy like Cluster Bombs, Fluff Bombs, and any other splash damage-based weaponry (excluding the Big Boomer). The Armored Robot can survive attacks from other players. They are infamous for their weapons and their accuracy of 96%, and a weapon releasing a small blast radius, can hit their opponents at a far distance. However, their only drawback is their speed. Hopefully, they're completely vulnerable to the Level 4 Energy Sword, and the blast of a Level 2 Big Boomer. Drops a random and a variety of gems upon defeat, and when totally scrapped, it pieces detonate violently. Their initial HP is 80.


  • The Armored Robot appears in the banner and game ad of Crazy Planets, along with Basic Bots and Bull Robots but lacks its normally worn 3D glasses.