Basic and good weapon.

The bazooka is one of the two starting weapons given to the player immediately (along with Grenades). Like all weapons, the bazooka has five upgrade levels. The bazooka fires with a long-range arc, and is useful for accurately hitting robots at a substantial distance. It does moderate damage, plus splash damage over a small radius. If fired directly at a robot (that is, if you point the firing arc through the enemy, so that the bazooka will fire in nearly a straight line) it can push the target a small distance; this can sometimes be useful if a robot is near the edge of a lava pit, for instance.

Levels of the BazookaEdit

  • Level 1: 25 damage points. (You start with this weapon in your possession.)
  • Level 2: 31 damage points. (Requires 20 each of Opal, Agate, Steel, Zinc)
  • Level 3: 38 damage points. (Requires 35 each of Opal, Agate, Steel, Zinc)
  • Level 4: 44 damage points. (Requires 60 each of Opal, Agate, Steel, Zinc)
  • Level 5: 50 damage points. (Requires 100 each of Opal, Agate, Steel, Zinc)


  • Essential to get the medal "Long Way Round" - Fire the Bazooka more than half way round the planet and hit an enemy. (Advisable in areas in Peix Galaxy.)
  • This weapon is the primary set used by the robots. Level 1 Bazookas deal same damage as the Basic Bots' Bazooka. Level 4 Bazookas deal similar damage compared to the Bullbot's Bazooka. Level 5 Bazookas equal to the medium-weight Bazookas that Red Robots carry.