Bounce Bot -- Accordion Minedropper
Robot Bouncing Bot
Alias Jumper, Accordion Minedropper
Level Level 11
Hit Points 40 HP
Attack Points 25 ATK
Weapons 2-Second Micromine
Vunerable to Bazookas, Fluff Bombs
Drops Variety of Gems, 3 explosive body parts

Bouncing Bots or Jumpers are semi-airborne, scouting robots of the entire Robot Army in Crazy Planets. Introduced to the player later in the same galaxy as the Jetpack Bots. They are respectively common in Peix Galaxy and meteors when the player reaches Level 13. Like the Jetpack Bot, Bouncing Bots constantly move in different places quickly, in a span of three (3) jumps. In around 2~4 turns, they might cover the distance of the entire planet. They share a resemblance of a Basic Bot, except half the body of that robot are replaced by springs, which are colored in yellow and dark red. Their 2-second bombs deals 25 HP of damage.

Because of their springs, these robots are ranked the second fastest robots in the entire Robot Army. Despite their speed and the ability to cover plenty of area, their main problem is that they are not entirely accurate by 74%. Another thing is that their bombs slide off steep areas. Just like the Jetpack Bot, their initial strategy is, "Hit and Run." Weak against any Level 3~4 Weaponry, especially explosives. Their initial HP is 40.