Bull Robot -- Bullbot
Robot Bull Robot
Alias Horned Robot, Bullbot
Level Level 7
Hit Points 60 HP
Attack Points 40 ATK
Weapons Bullhorn Bazooka
Vunerable to Explosives, Energy Swords
Drops Variety of Gems, 3 explosive body parts

Bull Robots or Bullbots make their universal appearance much later in the Crazy Planets Galaxy. They cooperate well with Basic Bots, and Turrets. The player encounters then in the "Lift Basics" mission of Riba Galaxy. These bullies appear common on what is known, the Isda Galaxy and when the player reaches Level 10, it is known that appears in meteors. They are slightly larger, and bullhorn-clad (which shows their aggressive nature) than their predecessor. This robot wields a medium-sized bazooka (known as the Bullhorn Bazzoka), dealing 40 HP of damage.

Their standard sets of battle options are rushing into position, and attacking at medium-range. They get much more successful when the player reaches Level 13 and above, meaning this robot can have an accurate, yet powerful shot in 1/4th the time. They cause a little trouble. Weak against Level 5 Grenades, a level 2 Energy Sword. Any other high-level weapons works well against them. Drops a random and a variety of gems upon defeat, and when totally scrapped. Their initial HP is 50.


  • The Bull Robot makes its appearance in "Restaurant City" as an exterior decoration and a functional item.
  • "Crazy Robot Chef" is an exterior item that pictures the Bull Robot holding a pizza on its left hand. This item costs 1650C (coins).
  • "Giant TV" Shows a slideshow of Crazy Planet's Robots. One of them is a Bull Robot, along with a Red Robot. This item costs 120000C (coins).