Customize my Planet Icon -- "This icon is depicted with a wrench and a sphere-like net."

Customize My Planet is one of the nine available options in the Main Window of Crazy Planets. Customizing planets have three of the available options: change the planet's body (or base), change the planet's mist (or outline), and change the planet's decorations (or foreground.) Changing the planet, can be useful to determine the player's creativity and personality. As the player's level increases, so does the size of his/her planet. The bigger it is, the better for it to be filled with decorations.

The feature for customizing planets, is that it doesn't require any Playfish Cash, it is easy to decorate, and can store multiple types of planet decor. Any purchased or extra items can be gifted, or sold 1/3 of its original price.

Customizing the Bodies of the PlanetEdit

There are at least 15 planet bodies to choose from. Every starter player begins with a moon, and if that player gets richer, he/she can buy multiple bodies. There are patched, high-tech, fossil, and more bodies available.

Planet Bodies -- Customize my Planet

Customizing the Mists of the PlanetEdit

There are at least 8 mists to choose from. Every starter player has no mist in his/her planet. As missions are completed, coins can be spent on different kinds of mists for his/her planet. Versions like red, green, blue, and other colors can be used for the mist of the player's home planet.

Planet Mists -- Customize my Planet

Customizing the Decorations of the PlanetEdit

There are about 115 decorations that can be added and purchased on the planet. Starter players have their three already added decorations on their planet, and those can't be stored nor sold. As the player earns coins after missions are completed, he/she will be able to buy different kinds of decorations that can be placed on the planet. Varieties like Big Blue Pet Aliens, Caged Robots, Nuclear Missiles and anything else can be placed on the outline of the planet. Items can be placed on the planet and moved around the circumference before final purchase. Some of the items are animated, but this cannot be seen until after the item is bought.

Planet Decors -- Customize my Planet