Cylon Robot -- Starburst Reaper
Robot Cylon Robot
Alias Big Blue Robot, Starburst Reaper
Level Level 15
Hit Points 100 HP
Attack Points 70 ATK
Weapons Personal "Starburst" Particle Cannon
Vunerable to Energy Sword, Big Boomer, Grenade
Drops Variety of Gems, 2 gigantic explosive body parts

Cylon Robots or the Big Blue Robots are the final, well-enhanced cyberkinetic droids introduced by the Robot Army in Crazy Planets. Their first introduction is in the late events of Peix Galaxy, in the 4th planet with the mission titled, "The Crossing." In later events, they appear much more common throughout Peix and Kala Galaxy. Especially when the player reaches Level 13, these robots start appearing in meteors throughout the entire galaxy. They are known to be compatible with Heavily Armed Bots. Their deception is a plump purple bunny, dressed in dark purple, and its deceitful red scanner (or some believed it to be an eye.) They are equipped with the state-of-the-art "Cyan Starburst Cannon" (or the Personal "Starburst" Particle Cannon) that deals 70 HP of damage. These formidable foes don't defeat their opponents, they eradicate them, that's why they are a force to reckon with.

The elite force of the Robot Army, is equipped with the state-of-the-art "reaper" armor, and most often presented in certain force fields in certain planets. Their armor and health outnumbers that of the Armored Robot's. They are notorious for being accurate by 97%, and their weapon can level the HP of any player below Level 6. They are the second slowest robots of the Robot Army, despite that both them and the Armored robot scuttle about. At least, their armor isn't immune to the damage taken from a Level 4 Energy Sword and the violent detonation of the Big Boomer. Drops a random and a variety of gems upon defeat. When totally scrapped, 2 large parts of this robot explodes violently. Their initial HP is 100.


  • In the 2008 Playfish game, "Restaurant City," An interior, functional item known as the "Giant TV" shows a cameo appearance of the Cylon Robot, which appears independently in one long scene. This item is purchased for 120000C (coins).