This page is for general questions about the game, how certain quirky things work, or whether something is available or not.

Q:  How do I reset my scores in Crazy Planets?

A: You can't.  But you could start another Facebook account and use it just to play.

Q: Which is the best weapon?

A: Depends on what you want to do and what your strengths are. See the Weapons page for details.

Q: How do I get materials to upgrade a weapon?

A: Gems are earned by destroying enemies in the missions. Metals are received by clicking on the slot machine on your planet, then use the white left/right arrows at the bottom right of the screen to move to your friends'  planets and click on their slot machine.

Q: Which is the rarest metal?

A: Platinum

Q: Any guess as to what the robots might be saying when they get hit or die? ;)

A: Probably something best not said on a game wiki :P

Q: How do I end a turn without doing anything (for instance, when hiding that weak character) ?

A: Click on the X under your character.

Q: I picked the wrong weapon by mistake, how do I cancel that and pick the other weapon before time runs out?

A: Click once on the X under your character.

Q: Which is the easiest of the pink Meteors? In any galaxy?

A:  Rilaris and Solo give the most coins....

Q: What is that blue dot above my character's head (between the weapons)?

A: That's the new location for the purchaseable powerups, Health Boost, Damage Boost, Shield, Weapon Jam , and Possession. Q:How do I equip newly purchased weapons?

Q: What could CP be based on?

A: Something between Worms and Warheads.

Q: What's the best weapon choice for extra units?

A:Your corresponding friend's most researched weapons.