Fluff bombs

This weapon is almost same as Cluster Bombs, isn´t it?

Fluff Bombs fires three fuzzy round bombs that roll along before they blow up. Like all other weapons, the Fluff Bombs has infinite ammo and has five levels of power to upgrade it. It is a short-range weapon (making it the lowest ranking weapon for accuracy), that does medium damage in the game.

If this weapon was handled with mobility and maximum skill, this weapon can outrange moving opponents, and luckily, target an airborne enemy. Fluff Bombs seem like the similar prototype of the basic, Cluster Bombs.

Levels of the Fluff BombsEdit

  • Requires 30 Citrine, 40 Sapphire, 30 Silver, 40 Lead to get this weapon at level 1.
  • Level 1: 30 damage points (per bomb).
  • Requires 40 Citrine, 55 Sapphire, 40 Silver, 55 Lead to upgrade to level 2.
  • Level 2: 38 damage points (per bomb).
  • Requires 60 Citrine, 80 Sapphire, 60 Silver, 80 Lead to upgrade to level 3.
  • Level 3: 45 damage points (per bomb).
  • Requires 95 Citrine, 120 Sapphire, 95 Silver, 120 Lead to upgrade to level 4.
  • Level 4: 53 damage points (per bomb).
  • Requires 150 Citrine, 200 Sapphire, 150 Silver, 200 Lead to upgrade to level 5.
  • Level 5: 60 damage points (per bomb).


  • "Double and Triple Kill" -- Level 5 can deal that damage when used properly.

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