Flying Robot -- Jetpack Bot
Robot Flying Robot
Alias Jetpack Bot
Level Level 11
Hit Points 40 HP
Attack Points 25 ATK
Weapons Microbomb
Vunerable to Bazookas, any AA (Anti-Air) weapon
Drops Variety of Gems, 3 explosive body parts

Flying Robots or Jetpack Bots are airborne units of the entire Robot Army in Crazy Planets. They are introduced to the player at the start of Peix Galaxy, where robots like this (no more than two) participate in-battle. They appear quite common among the later planets. When the player reaches Level 13, Jetpack Bots appear in asteroids in all galaxies. They are similar to the Accordion Minedropper, since they constantly move when attacking, and they seem to work quite successful and quickly, and they move a three (3) paces. These Cosmobots are just Small Robots that are biker helmet for protection and accessory, and jetpack for fyling. They release small bombs that deal 25 HP of damage.

Because of their jetpacks, these robots can outrun their predecessors, and their larger counterparts. They are slightly accurate by 96% when targeting an opponent (especially on a Robot Ally.) With a speed, that outruns the player, their initial strategy is, "Hit and Run", where they basically rush to bomb their opponent. Then, they fly as far as possible from them. Their main problem, is that they can't increase (only decrease) their altitudes, and they commonly get stuck under girders quite frequently. Like the Basic Bot, they don't cause much harm. Weak against any Level 3~4 Weaponry. They are seemingly resistant to land-based weapons like the Energy Sword and Grenade. Drops a random and a variety of gems upon defeat, and when totally scrapped, their pieces separate into smaller pieces and then, detonate. Their initial HP is 40.