Simple explosive.

Grenades are one of the first weapons that you start out with in the game. Like all other weapons, you have an infinite supply and the grenade has five levels of power to upgrade. The grenades are tricky to place because they tend to bounce on surfaces, energy shields, and robots. Grenades can be placed on top of a robot's head, which does more damage. It is a short-range weapon, that does high damage. The grenade always rebounds off energy shields.

Levels of the GrenadeEdit

  • Level 1: 30 damage points. (You start with this weapon in your possession.)
  • Level 2: 38 damage points. (Requires 20 each of Agate, Emerald, Zinc, Nickel)
  • Level 3: 45 damage points. (Requires 35 each of Agate, Emerald, Zinc, Nickel)
  • Level 4: 53 damage points. (Requires 60 each of Agate, Emerald, Zinc, Nickel)
  • Level 5: 60 damage points. (Requires 100 each of Agate, Emerald, Zinc, Nickel)


  • Grenade Guru is a regular medal that is given when you complete certain select missions using only grenades.

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