The Isda Galaxy is the second galaxy that players encounter while playing this game. The Isda Galaxy is unlocked once your player reaches level 5. The Isda Galaxy contains nine different missions.

Isda Galaxy

A screenshot of the Isda Galaxy.

That's a smart way of looking at the world. That's a smart way of looking at the world.

Meteor MissionsEdit

Number Mission Description
1 Meteor Solo We lost contact with Solo colony 24 hours ago. They probably just forgot to charge their

cellphone but best go check it out.

2 Meteor Magnet Famous for being the first ever meteor to be mined and not much else. Let's make it famous

for robot smashing too.

3 Meteor Helion Industrialized backwater Helion is under siege. If you ask me the robots are welcome to it but orders are orders. Let's go.

Rescue MissionsEdit

Number Mission Description
1 Red Cave This may come as a shock but (your friend) just got (him/her)self captured again. I guess we should probably bust (him/her) out, right?

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