Kala Galaxy

A picture of the Kala Galaxy

The Kala Galaxy is the fourth galaxy that players encounter while playing the game. The Kala Galaxy is unlocked once your player reaches level 15. The Kala Galaxy contains twelve missions. It is the second galaxy to use a forked path, giving the player a choice of which mission to try next.

Number Mission Description
1 King of the Hill This smog choked planet serves as a warning to those who put all their garbage into one big pile somewhere and forget about it.
2 Double Trouble Alert! The robots appear to have switched tactics by deploying soldier-bots inside slightly larger bots! Take them down!
3 Grotto This mission is going to need some strategy and fore-thought, so don't just go in with guns blazing. Now go smash up some robots.
4 Chopped Up This planet is rich in enough radioactive crystalline deposits to melt down the Milky Way. We have to stop it from falling into robot hands!
5 Half Full Aeons ago, half of this planet declared war on the other half. Guess which half won? Let's just say this planet used to be whole.
6 Bridge of Lava Securi-bots took the advice of never burning bridges all too literally. And now guard the famous Lavatopian bridges with their lives.
7 Robotic Ambush Incoming transmission: "Come in *vzzt*-quarters! We're *bzzt*-urrounded! Going to try to spread out! Tell *vzzt* I love h-*gzzt*!"
8 Island Hopper We've never seen anything like it. A planet constructed entirely by the robots. Could this be some kind of home planet?
9 Death From Above This planet appears to be a robot air force training ground, so watch out for low flying bots. And big bombs.
10 Hobson's Choice We all have to face live changing decisions sometimes. Its just that this one involves squashing one of your best friends.
11 Top Down Thinking The robots are protected by that seemingly impregnable fortress. The fortress must have a weakpoint, but where?
12 Gunball Rally Take one big ball of rock. Take lots of rocket turrets. Take a small team of very exposed ro-busters. Yup, looks like a trap to me.

Meteor MissionsEdit

Number Mission Description
1 Meteor Zyron With it's reputation as a galactic Bermuda Triangle, space farers tend to avoid Zyron. Unfortunately we have no choice. Let's do this.
2 Meteor Chip Named after the dog who discovered it after mistaking it for a distant ball during a game of space fetch.
3 Meteor Blaze Meteor Blaze was the place to be until the Butler Bots revolted and gave a new meaning to the resort's all you can eat policy.
4 Planet Playfish This small meteor has served as the headquarters of Playfish since the 40th century. The galaxy's gamers depend on us purging the robot threat here!

Rescue MissionsEdit

Number Mission Description
1 The Core Bad News! Your friend (name) has been kidnapped by the enemy! Accept the rescue mission and get (him/her) back!