A photo of the default Home Planet.

After the game has finished loading, this is the first thing you will see. It contains your Home Planet in the middle and the Main Menu vertically along the left side.

The Main Menu contains:


A photo of a default Planet when it's ready to give you metals.

  • Missions -- Travel to a planet and start a battle. This is also the place to configure your team of friends, their weapons, and profile photo.
  • Weapons -- Use gems and metals, or Playfish Cash to purchase new weapons and upgrade them.
  • Customize My Planet -- This contains items (sometimes holiday themed ones) you can buy, to be placed on your planet.
  • Supply Shop -- Use Playfish Cash to purchase coins and random metals.
  • Medals -- Look at the list of all your medals and achievements. Also has your stats and team. Friends can view this, this includes the weapons used, except they can't see the friends you've picked.
  • Gadgets -- Buy and gift powerful in-game abilities. Requires 1 Playfish Cash for each gadget. Can be gifted for free.
  • Mail Box - Send and receive messages and trade requests from your friends.
  • Take A Photo -- Take a picture of your planet.
  • Galaxy -- Zoom out and look at your galaxy.