Peix Galaxy

The Peix Galaxy is the third galaxy that players encounter while playing the game. The Peix Galaxy is unlocked once your player reaches level ten. The Peix Galaxy contains twelve missions. It is the first galaxy to use a forked path, giving the player a choice of which mission to try next.

Number Mission Description
1 Boulder Ballistics See that big boulder? See those small, fragile little robots? Are you thinking what I'm


2 Big Brawl We're heavily out numbered but trenches could provide good cover if we're quick - move it


3 Pentagon You're completely exposed here, so the only hope for survival is to choose your targets well and hope your aim is true.
4 The Crossing Legend has it the rightful king of the universe was crowned here. Unfortunately he tripped and fell in the lava shortly after.
5 Steel Bridge An ancient structure constructed by a mysterious extinct species. The good news is that extinct species can't get angry when we blow their stuff up.
6 Power Play A forest planet once home to the Mythral - like elves but in space. All forests have bear people or elf people. Everyone knows that.
7 Devil's Pot Once the most feared ubermax prison in the galaxy, Devil's Pot is now home to a small knitting club, which meets on Thursdays.
8 Platform City The robots seem to have constructed some kind of crude robot city here. Let's show them what we think of their town planning.
9 Trench Warfare It started out as a routine mission. Just a small robot outpost, defended by trenches. Then it got bad.
10 Mercury Once residing in the famous Solar System, birthplace of the Galactic Nations, Mercury was accidentally displaced halfway across the galaxy during the first warp drive test.
11 Rourke's Rock Home of the Galactic Olympics, the third most popular televised sports event in the galaxy after wobblekin throwing and needlework.
12 Ayer's Sock Legend has it that on discovering this planet, famed explorer Ayer had run out of flags to stake his claim, so used a sock instead.

Meteor MissionsEdit

Number Mission Description
1 Meteor New Guernsey One of three colonies created when Earth's English Channel Islands were submerged due to global warming causing a rising sea level.
2 Meteor Mesh Meteor Mesh was named after Mesh Industries, the galaxy's favorite kitchen surface cleaning detergent. Got mess? Get Mesh!
3 Meteor Strada Said to once have been the hideout of Spacebeard the galactic pirate, whose robot crew mutinied and took Strada for themselves.

Rescue MissionsEdit

Number Mission Description
1 Otispolis (Your friend) has been captured! Unless you want him eating prison food from now on we have to rescue him now!