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Planet where Precision takes place

Precision is the fourth mission in Riba Galaxy. The planet introduces the first encounter with a turret. This Planet had a goldmine of crystal formations just waiting to be discovered. Because of its high value,  the miners installed turrets, to protect their cargo. The remains of scaffolding can be seen.

     Once the robot miners revolted, they hacked the defence system, causing the turrets to malfunction as well. The miners had to abandon their mining facility and the robots started their quest for riches. It has been a while since humans were on this planet and it is evident because box tree wildlife has returned to the planet.

     The humans did not leave without a fight however and all that remains are two robots and one active turret. Here the mission also involves a teammate to help with the liberation of the planet.

Playing Notes:

In this mission it is easy to get a Sitting Pretty medal using grenades. First destroy the two small robots and then throw a grenade into the trench to explode the turret.