Rebound ray

Image of Rebound Ray.

The Rebound Ray gives you a crosshair cursor. At the click of the cursor, it fires a laser bolt, which bounces off surfaces or energy shields until it hits someone or heads out into space. The damage is determined on the color and the amount of times that the beam has bounced. Green indicates minimum power. Red indicates maximum power. Like all other weapons, the Rebound Ray has infinite ammo and has five levels of power to upgrade it. It is a long-range weapon (planet-wide), that does small damage in the game.

Levels of the Rebound RayEdit

  • (Damages listed here are maximums, less damage may occur)
    • Level 1: 45 damage points. (Requires 30 Emerald, 40 Topaz, 30 Copper, 40 Gold)
    • Level 2: 50 damage points. (Requires 40 Emerald, 55 Topaz, 40 Copper, 55 Gold)
    • Level 3: 75 damage points. (Requires 50 Emerald, 60 Topaz, 50 Copper, 60 Gold)
    • Level 4: 80 damage points. (Requires 100 Emerald, 120 Topaz, 100 Copper, 120 Gold)
    • Level 5: 95 damage points. (Requires 150 Emerald, 200 Topaz, 150 Copper, 200 Gold)


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