Red Robot -- Red Roboguard
Robot Red Robot
Alias Big Red Robot, Red Roboguard
Level Level 9
Hit Points 75 HP
Attack Points 50 ATK
Weapons Guardian "Maroon" Bazooka
Vunerable to Fluff Bombs, Big Boomer
Drops Variety of Gems, 3 explosive body parts

Red Robots or Red Roboguards are the third, most powerful robots of the entire Robot Army of Crazy Planets. This seemingly harmless robot was first introduced to the player on the second planet of the Isda Galaxy, in the mission named the, "Big Bad Red Robot". They appear quite common to galaxies like Isda and Peix Galaxy. They appear quite later than that of Turrets, but they seem to appear in battle with Turrets and Bullbots. These Red Menaces look 2/3 larger than that of Bullbots, and designed dark red, with a slightly larger antenna. They wield bronze-chrome medium bazookas (known as the Guardian "Maroon" Bazooka) that deals 50 of HP damage when hit.

They have a relatively good accuracy of 94% that makes them a mobile standard mortar unit, and moved slightly faster than their predecessors, despite their size. They are quite a problem, since they have tougher armor and their projectiles are powerful. Their weakness is a Big Boomer and a Level 3 Energy Sword. Drops a variety of gems, and highly volatile body parts when totally scrapped. Their initial HP is 75.


  • In the game, "Restaurant City" the Red Robot makes its cameo appearance in a scene (together with a Bull Robot) in a "Giant TV". This item is purchased for 120000C (coins).