The Riba Galaxy is the first galaxy that players encounter while playing this game. The Riba Galaxy contains eight different main missions.

Riba Galaxy

A screenshot of the Riba Galaxy.


Number Mission Description
1 Human vs. Robot A tiny desert planet. Population: 1 Angry Robot with sand in his circuits.
2 Underground Bunker A malfunctioning robot is convinced the mine he is assigned to is his very own secret bunker. Send him a housewarming gift. Like a grenade.
3 Boulder Basics This week on The Galaxy's Dumbest Robots -- the droid who thought it was a good idea to stand underneath an unsteady looking boulder.
4 Precision Double team this hacked mine security system for some serious bounty. Better pack the grenades to deal with that sentry gun.
5 Sandy Dunes You're outgunned, so you'll have to rely on outsmarting the enemy. Oh, and remember to grab those coins before you take them out.
6 Lift Basics Time to check out the new lift tech. Itt'll help you reach high places... and smash robots when you get there.
7 Turret Trouble Those turrets are lethal so taking cover is crucial here. Once you're behind a big rock it's time to rain death on them from above.
8 Heatwave Unless you packed some seriously heat proof underwear we suggest you stay well away from that lava. You have been warned.

Meteor MissionsEdit

Number Mission Description
1 Meteor Alpha The Meteor belts are rich with resources... unfortunately the robots know that too.
2 Meteor Rilaris A large corporation wants to install a diner in the deep caverns of Rilaris, so we can earn big bucks if we clear the meteor of robots.
3 Meteor Oratin The Robots are making a real mess of Oratin, so everyone's favourite robot busting squad

have been hired to clean it up.

Rescue MissionsEdit

Number Mission Description
1 Rugged Prison (Your friend) has been captured! Unless you want him eating prison food from now on we have to rescue him now!