Small Robot -- Basic Bot
Robot Small Robot
Alias Basic Bot
Level Level 5
Hit Points 40 HP
Attack Points 25 ATK
Weapons Basic Bazooka
Vunerable to Ice Rockets, Energy Swords
Drops Variety of Gems, 3 explosive body parts

Small Bots or Basic Bots make their universal appearance throughout the Crazy Planets Galaxy. The player first encounters these prototypes in the tutorial where the Space Admiral asks the player to attack them. They are most common in Riba and Isda Galaxy. They are small, silver-gray bots, that wield a red, small basic bazooka.

Their standard attacks can be short to long-range. When their weapon makes a successful hit to an opponent, it deals 25 points of damage. They don't appear very successful on the planets of Riba Galaxy. They tend to move at slow paces, shake a lot, and don't make straight shots. They're level of difficulty is 1. Weak against Level 4 Grenades, a Level 5 Bazooka, just to name a few. Like all fighters, they are vulnerable to the Ice Rocket. Drops a random and a variety of gems upon defeat, and when totally scrapped. Their initial HP is 40.


  • These robots are simply portrayed as the "absent-minded" pushovers. One prominent example is a time where a robot chose to stay under a boulder.
  • The decorations in "Customize My Planet" has Basic Bots in it.
    • The Caged Robot costs 2000C (coins).
    • The Chimney Christmas edition costs 1500C (coins).
  • In Restaurant City, The Basic Bot makes a cameo appearance as a exterior and interior item.
    • A chef-clad Basic Bot is bought for 1400C (coins) for exterior.
    • A Crazy Planets Pinball machine costs 12000C (coins) as a functional.
    • A Crazy Planets LCD TV has a Basic Bot in it. Cost 120000C (coins).