Turret -- Basic Autocannon
Robot Turret
Alias Basic Autocannon
Level Level 7
Hit Points 25 HP
Attack Points 50 ATK
Weapons Standard Cannon
Vunerable to Homing Missile, Cluster Bombs
Drops Variety of Gems, 3 explosive body parts

Turrets or the Basic Autocannons are Unmanned Base Defenses in Crazy Planets. These defenses are first introduced in Riba Galaxy, in the mission named Precision. They appear quite earlier than the Bullbot, and is compatible with Bullbots and Red Robots. These mini-defenses appear most common in meteors like those in Isda Galaxy. These stationary cannons are quite small, and cannon-shaped. These machines cause 50 points of damage.

Turrets remain stationary, however in order for them to survive the long battle, they have the option to launch their projectile quite far. Their accuracy varies, since they are the artillery pieces or the main base defense of the Robot army. They do not pose much of a challenge because of their low hit points. Weak against Level 2 Bazookas, Grenades, and Homing Missiles, just to name a few. Drops a random and a variety of gems upon defeat, and when totally scrapped. Their initial hit points are 25, half the HP damage they cause upon releasing a projectile.


  • Their design looks quite similar to Red Alert 2's Soviet Sentry Gun. Despite their looks, Sentry Guns use machine guns, and not long-ranged like the Turret. At least, they share a similar purpose to be Anti-Infantry.